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The Episode Starts with Pandit ji reciting mantras while Abhi and Tanu take rounds. Purab collides with Nikhil. Nikhil asks him to handle himself and says your happiness has no limits now and asks him to take care of himself and then only he can take care of his friends, Dadi and Dasi. Aaliya tells that she will just be back. Abhi is taking rounds and gets flashes of his marriage with Pragya. He falls down. Purab runs to him. Tanu asks what happened? Abhi says he is feeling as if he married before and saw mandap, pandit ji etc. Tanu says we are marrying for first time. Mrs. Mehta says may be you are hallucinating and asks pandit ji to hurryup the marriage. She asks Pandit ji to complete the marriage fast, so that they can complete the marriage. She asks Tanu to get up. Purab makes Abhi have water. Mrs.
Mehta asks her husband to hold him, and says once marriage happens, he can rest. Dadi asks them to stop the marriage and says this marriage will not happen.

Tanu’s mum says once marriage happens, he can rest and says she is concerned for her daughter. Dadi tells that she is concerned for Abhi and says until he gets well, marriage will not happen. Raj says Dadi is saying right and asks Abhi to come. They take him inside. Mrs. Mehta tells that they are forcibly stopping the marriage. Abhi tells Purab that he has seen mandap and marriage happening, but couldn’t see the girl’s face. He says this is happening with him since some days. Mitali brings water. Dadi asks Purab to take care of Abhi and goes to get medicine. She takes his medicine from his room. Aaliya comes there and asks why did she stop the marriage and asks how could you? She says this marriage will happen, but you can’t stop it.


Dadi says I stopped this marriage as I am worried for him and asks where is Pragya? Aaliya says she doesn’t know. Dadi says I know well that you knows where is she? Aaliya says if I had known, I wouldn’t tell you. She says just 3 rounds are left and then they will be husband and wife. She promises her that if she tries to stop the marriage then she will know what she can do? Dadi gets tensed. Purab asks Abhi if he remembers anything and says may be your memory is back. Abhi says why I am getting those visions and I am feeling as if I am already married. He says even if I got my memory, nothing will change. He asks if something really happened and you have hidden this fact from me.

Aaliya comes and asks Abhi to have medicine. She asks him not to take tension and take stress. She asks are you okay? Abhi says yes and is about to get up. Purab stops him and says let him rest. Aaliya asks him not to disturb the marriage. Abhi gets up and goes to mandap. Tanu thinks thank god, Abhi returned. Abhi thinks there is some connection of those visuals with my memory and thinks not to see havan kund. Purab comes to Dadi and Dasi and asks did you ask Aaliya where is Pragya? Dadi says how to stop this marriage? Goons leave pragya there. Pragya cries and thinks she couldn’t reach mandap. She reminisces the moments spent with Abhi. Abhi also thinks about Pragya…Main Phir bhi tumko Chahunga plays……She recalls Abhi promising to stay with her forever. She thinks she has lost again, her hopes, strength and her kumkum lost. I can’t get him again. She cries.

Purab asks Aaliya where is Pragya? Aaliya says I would have asked you. Purab asks her not to act smart and says you knows well where is she? Purab says you knows everything. Aaliya says who would have been in the mandap. Purab says Pragya. Aaliya says why she will sit? Purab tells about their plan. Aaliya acts as she doesn’t know, and asks him to think about Abhi atleast.
Purab tells her that if anything happens to Pragya then he will forget this day and friendship with Abhi and will make her teach her a lesson. He says God have made Abhi and Pragya’s Jodi and says God will stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Aaliya asks him if god will come and stop the marriage. She says nobody can stop the marriage, not even you,Dadi and Dasi and asks him to bring some special character and smirks. Purab says I don’t know who will come, but this marriage will not happen as I have faith on God. Aaliya says marriage will finish in just 5 min, and then Tanu will be my Bhabhi and Abhi will be her husband.





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