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Ghanaian Culture: 6 Ghanaian habits you should adopt – asap

Ghanaians are quite interesting and easy to stay with if you know some basic common habits they share or like.

1. Be humble.


Ghanaians easily warm up to people they believe are humble. Ghanaians like to pass judgement and you risk being branded arrogant if you appear charismatic or extrovert. Timid, shy and introverts are called humble people.

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2. Bring gifts.

In Ghana, we do not travel empty handed. So, when you are going to visit a Ghanaian friend or family, make sure you have gift to share. A loaf of bread will do.

3. Do not get to work early but be on time.

Ok, do not get confuse here. Reporting to work late is a ‘crime’ but here is the trick, you do not report to work “too early.” Working hours in Ghana? 8:30 to 5:00. But if you have the habit of reporting to work say one hour before the start of work, you could be branded as “too known,” “Workaholic” and other mean clichés.

4. Religious people.


Everything that happens in Ghana is attributed to God. So, be careful not to blame any misfortune on the victim or attribute success to a person. When someone passes an exam, wins a contract, marries, gets job promotion, becomes rich, buys a new car, a house etc, it is God who did it, simple!

5. Listen, don’t ask questions.


If you are getting scold by your boss, parents or your host, just listen, don’t question their judgement lest you’d be called arrogant or disrespectful.

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6. Occasion gifts.


In Ghana, every occasion is marked with gift giving. It is weird but true.

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