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A Better Tomorrow


Features: Olu Jacob, Ngozi Ezeonu, John Dumelo, Chioma Chukwuku, Ken Erics, Rita Arum

Classic Nollywood pattern - Mother is an upstanding person and a deep Christian. She offends a lazy employee who is heavily connected and looses her job. During the time of her job loss, she looses her husband and that lazy employee is now in a position of power to punish her. This lazy employee goes and becomes uneccesarily mean in order to ‘feel great’. When all these is taking place, her children get involved and try to help their mother. Some fall into all kinds of funny and weird things to raise money to help and of course, at the end of the movie - justice is served and all the evil doers either die or end up in prison. We see Ann (mother - Ngozi Ezeonu) put back to her position of power.

By Editor K 24/12/2011 21:05:00