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This section offers historical information of Ghana Legends. Know more on origin, facts and history of Ghanaian Legends.


Asante Adinkra Cloth

Adinkra is the only African cloth printing tradition of pre-Colonial origin. It is one of the prestigious royal crafts produced in villages around...


Ananse tales

The stories made up an exclusively oral tradition, and indeed Ananse himself was synonymous with skill and wisdom in speech. It was as remembered and...


Spider and the Sky God

Anansi the trickster is a spider, and is one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore. He is also known as Ananse...


Asanteman under Osei Tutu

Image of an Ashanti home before British colonization Realizing the strengths of a loose confederation of Akan states, Osei Tutu strengthened...


Ashanti Empire

The Ashanti (or Asante) Empire (or Confederacy), also Asanteman (1701–1896) was a West Africa state of the Ashanti people, the Akan people of...

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