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Culture is the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society. Culture encompasses books, movies, television, music, video games, internet memes, and thousands of branches of art. And sure, culture includes the latest entertainment news too.


Women in Ashanti

Ye ko bisa aberewa “We are going to consult the old woman”, places the woman as the final arbiter in all decisions in the Ashanti...


Communal Life

The average Ashanti is polygamous. Many men strive to marry more than one woman to show their readiness to support a large family and their...



The Ashanti man takes a lot of things into consideration before getting married. Union by marriage is too important to trivial treatment. The parents...


Arts and Craft of Asanteman

Sterility is considered a most deplorable misfortune. Its unfortunate victims have to endure contempt and derision. Many build their houses and leave...


Ownership of a home

The taking of responsibility is every Ashanti man’s lot and he believes that it begins in the ownership of a home where he will be responsible...


Family System

The “Abusua” or Family System The constitution of Asante (Ashanti) is based on the Abusua (Family system). There are seven established...


Ashanti Village Woman

In each village there are people of particular importance. The Chief together with the Elders maintains traditional customs and ceremonies and deals...


The Ashanti Family unit

As in most developing countries, there is a strong extended family system. Poorer members may seek financial assistance from their better off...


Village life

In Ashanti, as in much of Ghana, the village is a social as well as an economic heart of society. Everyone is expected to participate in the major...

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